BackupExec 12.0 RALUS on debian/ubuntu

A recent upgrade of BE forced out the old legacy unix agent that was a single binary and easy to script, making us use RALUS. Could have been worse. The manual install is a bit sketch, someone noted that alien could convert the rpm’s, so I started there. I found the rpms in tgz files under ‘pkgs/Linux’ and ‘RALUS64/pkgs/Linux’ for both architectures. I ran alien on an x86 and an x64 box to create a full set. The debs don’t have dependency information, but I just dealt with that with puppet because it was quicker. Ignore the errors about alien not creating postrm/postinst scripts, they’re no big deal.

RALUS wants the user that connects to have beoper as a secondary group. Also you need libstdc++5 installed. Here’s a self-documenting puppet recipe, in case there are more questions:

class ralus {

  realize User["beoper"]
  realize Group["beoper"]

  package { "vrtsvxmsa":
    ensure => installed,

  package { "libstdc++5":
    ensure => installed,

  package { "vrtsralus":
    ensure => installed,
    require => [ Package["vrtsvxmsa"], Package["libstdc++5"] ],

  exec { "ralus-init":
    command => "/bin/cp /opt/VRTSralus/bin/VRTSralus.init /etc/init.d/ralus",
    require => Package["vrtsralus"],
    onlyif => "/usr/bin/test ! -x /etc/init.d/ralus",

  service { "ralus":
    ensure => running,
    enable => true,
    require => [ Exec["ralus-init"], User["beoper"] ],

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